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Frequently Asked Questions

Scrap Companies in Hampton Roads

Truck Vendors in Hampton Roads

Retrofit Installation Companies


Retrofit Questions: Is there funding available to retrofit my truck? Funding is currently available for retrofit devices through the Virginia Port Authority and Virginia Clean Cities.  Retrofit applications are only being accepted for trucks fitting the model-years 2002-2006.  Will installing a retrofit unit on my truck have a negative effect on my fuel economy? No.  …

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Retrofit Installations

Western Branch Diesel Truck Enterprises, Inc. – Chesapeake

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Scrap Companies

Scrap Companies in Chesapeake, VA Scrap Companies in Suffolk, VA Scrap Companies in Virginia Beach, VA

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Truck Vendors

Find a truck vendor near you!  Vendors are listed in alphabetical order by city in Virginia.  Most finance companies also have a great grasp on truck vendors and can help you find a new truck when the time is right!

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