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GO-Zero Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a zero-emission (ZEV) and near zero- emission (NZEV) vehicle? Are truck conversion kits eligible for the Go-Zero incentive? How is this program different from the Green Operator program? Where can I charge my battery electric-powered truck?            

GO-Zero Grant Stacking

Unlike the original Green Operator program, GO-Zero will allow participants to take advantage of grant stacking. Below is a list of other potential incentive opportunities. Alternative Fuels Data Center: Virginia Laws and Incentives (energy.gov) Alternative Fuels Data Center: Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Tax Credit (energy.gov) Commercial Clean Vehicle Credit | Internal Revenue Service (irs.gov) Charging Your …

ZEV & NZEV Trucks and Charging Infrastructure

ZEV and NZEV vehicles, especially semi-trucks, are an emerging technology and can’t be found at all sellers and dealers. Below is a list of ZEV and NZEV manufacturers and dealers to help with your search. These new types of vehicles also require different types of fueling and electric charging. Below is also a list of …