Eligible Applicants

  • Independent Owner Operators as well as Fleet Owners may apply.

Eligible Trucks for Purchase

  • Zero-emission (ZEV) – a vehicle that does not emit exhaust gas or other pollutants from the onboard source of power. Examples of ZEVs include battery-electric and hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles.
  • Near Zero-emission (NZEV) – a vehicle that uses zero emission technologies, uses technologies that provide a pathway to zero emission operations, or incorporates other technologies that significantly reduce vehicle emissions. Examples of NZEVs include trucks with an engine that is powered by Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), or Liquid Natural Gas (LNG).

General Requirements for Applications

  • The GO-Zero Program will allow interested participants to request multiple truck incentives per company. Please type or print legibly all items except the signature in Section V.
  • Printed applications must be in black or blue ink.
  • If space for additional information is needed, attach additional sheets of paper. Write the owner’s name on each additional sheet and attach to the application.

Specific Requirements for Applications

  • Equipment – Identify the type of ZEV or NZEV truck that will be purchased, what type of charging/fueling station will be used, and the number of trucks being requested for award consideration.
  • Infrastructure Requirements – Applicants will need to evaluate infrastructure requirements such as the installation or availability of charging/fueling stations at or near their facility.
  • Project Timeline – Advise the expected project implementation date.
  • Narrative section – Applicants should briefly describe how the project contributes towards the Port of Virginia’s long-term decarbonization goals, and cargo owner commitments to reduce supply chain emissions, benefits to disadvantaged or low-income communities, and how new investment would spur additional cargo volumes through Port of Virginia facilities.
  • Service Commitment – For an award made under this program, the awardee agrees to use the new ZEV or NZEV truck to service Port of Virginia facilities for two (2) years after purchasing the new truck.
  • Data Sharing – Program participants agree to share general data related to the new trucks including; operation and maintenance costs, performance metrics, and expected usage at POV facilities.

Other Information

  • Grant Stacking – Other grant funding opportunities may be available, especially for charging/fueling station installation. Grant funding outside of GO-Zero will be allowed.
  • Dealerships – A list of local truck dealerships that sell ZEV and NZEV will be made available.
  • Hotline – Phone number is (804) 482-1790 for any questions. Email inquiries can also be directed to Ed Mihalski at emihalski@ecologixgroup.com


Print, fill in and send to:

VA Green Operator Program
c/o Ed Mihalski, EcoLogix Group
PO Box 4

Kensington, MD 20895


Please address questions to the truck hotline at …

Investing in Public Funds and Maintaining Public Trust

Intentional falsification of information provided by an applicant with the specific intent to avoid meeting any aspect of the program’s requirements may lead to the individual being prosecuted to the extent allowed under law and may be used as an adverse factor in regards to future applications for rebate awards.

The Virginia Port Authority is committed to the integrity of the program and encourages reporting of any known concerns involving any aspect of the program especially related to suspected fraudulent activity. Visit https://www.oig.dot.gov/hotline  for more information on suspected fraud.