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Engine Family Plate Location Guide

Download PDF Guide: Download PDF Family Plate Location Guide

The EPA engine family name is a 12 character number/letter designation included on the engine nameplate for all heavy duty truck engines sold in the United States. In general, the nameplate is permanently affixed to the engine. The exact location and appearance of the nameplate varies by engine manufacturer. Examples of nameplates from three major engine manufacturers are included below:

Caterpillar Engine Example


Plate2 Plate3

Caterpillar Nameplate (2 labels): EPA Family Name – 5CPXH0928EBK
Engine Model Year – 2005
Engine Horsepower – 475 HPV1.0 02/08/2010

Cummins Engine Example


Cummins Nameplate: EPA Family Name – 4CEXH0912XAJ
Engine Model Year – 2004
Engine Horsepower – 400 HP

Detroit Diesel Engine Example

Detroit diesel

Detroit Diesel Nameplate: EPA Family Name – 5DDXH14.0ELY
Engine Model Year – 2005
Engine Horsepower – 515 HP