GO-Zero Now Open!

Are you interested in purchasing a Zero Emission or Near Zero Emission drayage truck to service the Port of Virginia?

Starting May 1, 2023, the Green Operator program will open the first round of funding for GO-Zero, a program that will provide an incentive towards the purchase of zero-emission and near zero-emission drayage trucks. Like the existing Green Operator program, the expectation is for the trucks to provide service to the Port of Virginia facilities. Unlike the current Green Operator program, for diesel-to-diesel upgrades, scrappage of an older diesel-powered truck is not a requirement. However, an additional incentive will be made available if an older drayage truck is scrapped.

The Go-Zero application period will be open from May 1, 2023 through July 31, 2023. After the application period has ended, an evaluation will be done to determine awards. Look for additional information on the Green Operator website. In the meantime, any questions can be directed to Ed Mihalski at emihalski@ecologixgroup.com

Looking for more information on the program? We have a video for you!

View the video below to hear Ecologix’s Senior Associate, Ed Mihalski, provide a program overview, and past program participant, Sephora Roberson, share her experiences with the Green Operator Program. Click the image below or the link here to view the video!

Green Operator Program GO site

About the Program

December 10, 2021

The Green Operator program is pleased to announce two changes to program operations. 

Applicant Eligibility – Changes truck operational verification from requiring a video of the engine tag/serial number to only require submissions of a still engine photo showing the engine tag/serial number.  Please note we still need a video showing the truck moving forward and backward and showing the truck’s VIN number.

Rebate Request Submission – Program administrators will start processing the rebate request while waiting for the title documentation from the participant. We expect this change could reduce the time from rebate request submission to rebate check issuance by about 4 weeks. 


The Virginia Green Operator program is a public-private, voluntary program that aims to reduce the amount of air pollution from drayage trucks in the state of Virginia.   For more information, call the Operator Hotline at 804-482-1790 today.

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The Green Operator program has replaced over 400 trucks with older engine model years with 2007 and newer trucks that have cleaner EPA approved engine technologies.  This has been a great success.  For more information on replacement assistance up to $30,000, visit our Replacements page.

Request for Decals

The Port of Virginia now offers decals for new or clean trucks that meet 2010 EPA standards that were not purchased or retrofitted under the Green Operator Program.  Visit our Request for Decal page or call the Green Operator Hotline:  804-482-1790.