The retrofit aspect to the Green Operator program is the oldest advantage that the Port of Virginia has offered since the induction of the program three years ago.  We have retrofitted over 200 trucks to date and the number continues to grow daily!  The best candidates for a retrofit device are 2002-2006 trucks looking to bring their emissions up to 2007 EPA standards.  Although, it can be a very tedious process it is well worth the wait and benefits, so apply now!

2013 Retrofit Application


  • Eligible Applicants

o   Eligible applicants for a truck retrofit must provide truck services to the Virginia Port Authority’s Hampton Roads facilities.

o   Applicants must be able to provide a copy of a valid Virginia Port ID card.


  • Vehicles Eligible for Retrofit

o   The newly retrofitted truck must be equipped with a verified diesel emission control strategy as documented by the Environmental Protection Agency for such programs.

o   All owner-operators of potential trucks must provide an itemized cost of equipment, product literature, specifications, and any other materials relevant to the retrofit.


  • EPA Verified Retrofit Technologies List

o   For a list of all of the Environmental Protection Agency’s verified retrofit devices, visit: Verified Technologies List.


  • Eligible Funding Assistance Amounts

o   Applicants providing documentation for a retrofitted truck have the opportunity to receive 100 percent or up to $6,000 in rebate funds.


  • Usage Commitment

o   Owner-operators of the Green Operator Program will continue to serve the Port of Virginia in order to remain a Green Trucker.