About the Program

The Virginia Green Operators (GO) program is a public-private, voluntary program that aims to reduce the amount of air pollution from drayage trucks in the state of Virginia.  The Green Operators Program was formally launched in 2009 after the United States Department of Energy and The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality provided some funding for owner-operators and trucking firms to retrofit or replace their older model trucks. The program is managed by:

  • The Virginia Port Authority, the official host of the program and original creator of the program in 2006.
  • Virginia Clean Cities (VCC), the “boots on the ground” and local liaison providing support to the trucking community, engaging the shipping community, creating program materials, and providing recommendations for long-term sustainability.
  • Mid-Atlantic Regional Air Management Association, the administrative management arm that processes applications and provides the rebates.

As the second year of the program has quickly come to an end, the success of the program is becoming clear and with the help of government funding over the next few years, the GO Program is showing great signs of becoming the self-sustainable program previously envisioned.  The goal over the past year was to retrofit or replace 5% of the 2,700 trucks that operate the Port. Our program actually saw an approximate 3% increase in our goal. In the near future, VCC hopes to use many untapped resources to fund the GO Program until it can stand on its own without the aid of government funding. VCC is now working to develop a close relationship between the shippers and carriers, establish long-term partnerships with local fleets and large shippers and engage them in activities that reduce harmful emissions from old trucks.

Current funding for the Green Operator replacement program is available through the Regional Dray Truck Program operated by the University of Maryland Environmental Finance Center.  Applications for the regional program can be located at:

University of Maryland Environmental Finance Center

The Green Operator retrofit program has funding available through the Virginia Port Authority.  Applicants for the retrofit program must meet the requirements set by the Virginia Port Authority and Virginia Clean Cities and must submit a retrofit application for consideration.  Applications can be found at:

GO Retrofit Application