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Port of Virginia Launches Enhanced Green Operator Program in Partnership with Virginia Clean Cities

Up to $20,000 Incentives Toward the Purchase of Drayage Trucks and up to $6,000 Toward Purchase of a Retrofit Device

Norfolk, Va. – August 18, 2015 – The newly relaunched Green Operator Program for trucks that service the Port of Virginia can provide up to $20,000 toward the purchase of drayage trucks and up to $6,000 toward the purchase and installation of retrofit devices.

Recognizing the need to modernize the drayage truck fleet and reduce the fuel and maintenance costs incurred by truck owners, The Port of Virginia created the Green Operator Program in 2006 to incentivize truck owners to replace early model trucks with newer trucks equipped with clean-diesel technology. This newly opened phase furthers that original goal.

Port facilities include Norfolk International Terminals (NIT), Portsmouth Marine Terminal (PMT), Newport News Marine Terminal (NNMT), Virginia International Gateway (VIG), all in Hampton Roads, the Port of Richmond (POR) and the Virginia Inland Port (VIP) in Front Royal, Virginia.

The Port of Virginia Green Operator Program provides funds to replace older vehicles with more emission-efficient engines, provides funds to retrofit older trucks with tailpipe technologies and recognizes partners for achieving goals that reduce air pollution and greenhouse gases associated with the transport of goods.

“Through this voluntary program, The Port of Virginia and the trucking community which serves the our marine terminals and inland facilities can help all citizens and the environment by further reducing emissions associated with the movement of goods,” said the Port of Virginia’s Vice President for Sustainability & Process Excellence, Kit Chope.

Truck owners servicing The Port of Virginia may choose from two options; 1) truck replacement or 2) truck retrofit. Monetary incentives are offered in both categories to assist with the purchase of a 2008 or newer truck or the purchase and installation of clean diesel technology for an existing truck.

The Port of Virginia Green Operator Program was the first voluntary truck replacement program ever developed by a U.S. port. To date, “GO” remains the most successful clean-truck program in the country, replacing or retrofitting over 400 trucks and reducing NOx, CO, VOC, SO2, and PM emissions from dray trucks servicing The Port of Virginia facilities by as much as 25 percent.

“Tidewater Motor Truck Association (TMTA) is excited to be partnering with The Port of Virginia once again to build on the success of the Green Operator Program,” said Frank Borum, president of TMTA. “The assistance provided by the Port will help many small businesses owners improve service reliability for their port customers.”

“Virginia Clean Cities is excited to be partnering with The Port of Virginia once again to build on the success of the Green Operator Program,” said Alleyn Harned, Executive Director of Virginia Clean Cities. “Utilizing cleaner fuels in dray trucks servicing The Port can have a substantial impact on improving air quality across the Commonwealth.”

For more information on the Program, please call the Green Operator Hotline at 804-482-1790 Applications can be submitted via the program website at http://www.greenoperator.org.

The Virginia Port Authority (VPA) is a political subdivision of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The VPA owns and through its private operating subsidiary, Virginia International Terminals, LLC (VIT), operates four general cargo facilities Norfolk International Terminals, Portsmouth Marine Terminal, Newport News Marine Terminal and the Virginia Inland Port in Warren County. The VPA leases Virginia International Gateway and the Port of Richmond. In fiscal 2013, The Port of Virginia provided more than 374,000 jobs and generated $60.3 billion in total economic impact throughout the Commonwealth.

Virginia Clean Cities (VCC) is a regional nonprofit organization advancing our energy, economic, and environmental security through petroleum reduction and clean transportation. Virginia Clean Cities is a state and federally recognized coalition of stakeholders staffed in partnership with James Madison University. The coalition operates dozens of domestic fuel and environmental education and deployment projects for federal, state, agencies and private partners. To learn more, please visit www.vacleancities.org.


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