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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for this program?

  • Owner-operators must currently provide drayage truck services to The Port of Virginia facilities. Proof of port service is required to participate in this program.
  • Independent contractors as well as fleet owners may apply.

How much grant funding is available?

  • The program provides up to $20,000 toward a newer truck.
  • The program provides up to $6,000 toward a tailpipe retrofit.

What kind of trucks and retrofit devices can be purchased?

  • This program requires owner-operators and small trucking firms to purchase a truck with a 2007 or newer engine. (Please note that past versions of this program considered 2004-2006 engines with retrofit devices eligible for purchase. As of July 25, 2011, only trucks with a 2007 or newer engine are eligible replacement vehicles.)
  • Diesel tailpipe retrofits include diesel particulate filters and diesel oxidation catalysts. Equipment must be on the Verified Technologies list of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): http://www.epa.gov/cleandiesel/verification/verif-list.htm or the California Air Resources Board (CARB) verified technologies list: http://www.arb.ca.gov/diesel/verdev/vt/cvt.htm.

What is the purpose of this program?

  • The program is intended to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gases associated with the transport of cargo to and from The Port of Virginia facilities.

Can I apply for funding for more than one truck?

  • Yes. Each truck must meet the eligibility requirements.
  • If you need space for additional trucks on your application, attach additional sheets of paper and include the owner’s name on each sheet and attach to the application.

What are the eligibility requirements for the trucks?

  • Truck engines must be 2006 or older. Preference will be given to trucks with 1997 and older engines. If funds are still available, trucks with model year 2006 engines and older will be eligible for funding.
  • Trucks must be Class 8 vehicles.
  • Trucks must have been owned for at least one year by the applicant and will be verified by the date on title.
  • The truck must be drivable on the date that it is scrapped. This also means the truck must have a current registration and insurance.
  • The truck must be free of any liens.

Old trucks will be required to be scrapped. Any proceeds from the scrap metal must be applied toward the purchase of the truck.

I just bought an old truck – can I replace it with a newer truck through this program?

Old trucks must have been owned for at least one year before the truck is eligible for the program.

My truck just broke down – can I replace it with a newer truck through this program?

Old trucks must be drivable  on the day of scrappage.

Complete applications must include the following:

  • A signed application.
  • A copy (front and back) of a valid identification card from The Port of Virginia.
  • A copy (front and back) of a Transportation Worker Identification Card (TWIC).
  • A copy of the current truck title and registration.
  • Proof of insurance.
  • A photograph of the current truck with license plate clearly legible.

How can I tell if I will qualify for financing for the balance of the truck price?

Approval for financing is solely the decision of the financial institutions and is generally based upon your credit report and credit score. A credit report is a record of your credit history. Other factors may be reviewed by the financial institution before financing is approved. Below is a list of questions that are commonly asked by financial institutions when reviewing financing applications. Please consider these questions before you choose to pursue participating in the Green Operator Program.

  • Have you had a bankruptcy within the last four years?
  • Do you have a foreclosure or lien in your recent financial history?
  • Do you have an open federal tax lien?
  • Do you have a prior repossession in your past?
  • Is your credit score below 600?
  • Do you consistently pay bills late?

Answering yes to any or all of these questions may impact your chance of obtaining financing, but ultimately the decision is up to the financing institutions.

When should I buy my new truck or retrofit device?

  • Program staff will contact you after you are accepted into the program. At that time, you will receive an acceptance packet with instructions for how to proceed with the purchase of your truck or retrofit device.
  • Do NOT purchase a new truck or retrofit device prior to program approval or you risk program eligibility for the program.

When should I scrap my old truck?

  • Program staff will contact you after you are accepted into the program to give you more details on how and when to scrap your truck. A checklist for documenting the scrappage process will be provided to you.
  • Do NOT scrap your truck without program approval or you risk making your truck ineligible for the program.

How can I get an application?

Who do I contact for assistance?

For questions, please call the truck hotline at 804-482-1790.