Eligible Applicants

  • Applicants must provide drayage truck services to The Port of Virginia facilities.
  • Independent contractors as well as fleet owners may apply.
  • Applicants must have owned the truck for at least one year to be eligible.
  • New equipment must be purchased and old equipment scrapped only when advised to do so by EcoLogix.

Eligible Trucks

  • Trucks must be model year 2006 or older, Class 8 vehicles with a GVWR of 33,000 pounds or more.
  • Trucks must have been owned for at least one year, verified by date on title.
  • Trucks must be drivable on the date that it is scrapped.
  • The truck must be free of any liens.
  • Old trucks will be required to be scrapped. Any proceeds from the scrap metal will be applied toward the purchase of the new truck.

General Requirements for Applications

  • Complete applications will be reviewed on a first-come first served rolling basis. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • Complete applications must include the following:
    • A copy (front and back) of a valid identification card from The Port of Virginia.
    • A copy (front and back) of a Transportation Worker Identification Card (TWIC).
    • A copy of the current truck title and registration.
    • Model year of the truck engine must be 2006 or older (verified by date on title). Preference will be given to trucks with 1997 and older engines.
    • Proof of insurance
    • A photograph of the current truck with license plate clearly legible.
    • Certification that the truck to be replaced is operational and being used to transport cargo for The Port of Virginia.
  • Type or print legibly all items except the signature in Section IV.
  • Printed applications must be in black or blue ink.
  • If you need space for additional information, attach additional sheets of paper. Write the owner’s name on each additional sheet and attach to the application.


If applying for more than one truck, please provide the information below for each truck requested.

Green Operator Application Check List

  1. _____ Provide a signed and completed application to the GO Program.
  2. _____ Provide a copy of a valid identification card from The Port of Virginia and TWIC (front and back).
  3. _____ Provide a copy of the Department of Motor Vehicles title and registration for the vehicle(s) to be replaced.
  4. _____ Provide proof of insurance for the truck to be replaced.
  5. _____ Provide photograph of truck to be replaced with license plate clearly visible.

Green Operator Check List
(after application is approved)

  1. _____ Provide pictures of the old truck before and after scrappage and proper documentation from a scrap company (only when instructed).
  2. _____ Provide both DMV title AND invoice for new truck (only when instructed).

Application Options

Printable Application
for Replacements (PDF)
Online Application
for Replacements

Print, fill in and send to:

VA Green Operator Program
c/o Susan Stephenson, EcoLogix Group
PO Box 1061
14800 York Rd
Sparks Glencoe, MD 21152


Please address questions to the truck hotline at 804-482-1790 or our contact form.