Since July 2017, the Green Operator program has successfully committed $730,000 to replace older vehicles with modernized lower emissions trucks. As a result of this early success, we have almost exhausted the remaining funds.

The Green Operator program will continue accepting applications and hold them in a que pending the availability of funds in the next fiscal year.

Program Changes

Along with our partners at EcoLogix Group and Virginia Clean Cities, The Port of Virginia is reminding the community of the recent changes to the Green Operator Program.  The successful Green Operator Program will now provide $30,000 toward purchase of drayage trucks servicing The Port of Virginia facilities.



  • Applicants are eligible for a $30,000 rebate, or 50 percent of the new vehicle cost – whichever is less.
  • The new rebate structure applies to replacement trucks with a 2010 or newer model year engine.
  • Rebates will be eliminated for any replacement truck with a 2009, or older, model year engine.



  • Applicants are encouraged to scrap the truck at a commercial truck yard. For those applicants that prefer to scrap the truck themselves, scrapping the engine must be witnessed by program staff.
  • Every applicant must certify that he or she has fully read and understands the information provided on the application is true and correct. Applicants have the option to either (1) print out the application, complete it and submit it by fax or mail to the Program Administrator; or (2) complete and submit the application online. Printed applications must include the truck owner’s signature and online applications can only be submitted by the truck owner.
  • Applicants will be required to submit both the state issued Motor Vehicle Title and state Registration for the replacement truck.



  • Intentional falsification of information provided by an applicant with the specific intent to avoid meeting any aspect of the program’s requirements may lead to the individual being prosecuted to the extent allowed under law and may be used as an adverse factor in regards to future applications for rebate awards.


  • The Virginia Port Authority is committed to the integrity of the program and encourages reporting of any known concerns involving any aspect of the program especially related to suspected fraudulent activity. Visit for more information on suspected fraud.

About the Program

The Virginia Green Operator program is a public-private, voluntary program that aims to reduce the amount of air pollution from drayage trucks in the state of Virginia.   For more information, call the Operator Hotline at 804-482-1790 today.

To replace your vehicle the current program has two key steps.

  • Step 1 – Complete a financial readiness prescreen process with our program partner, Wheaten Financial. Click here for STEP 1.
  • Step 2 – Once qualified through the financial prescreen process, submit a complete application by clicking here for replacements.

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The Green Operator program has replaced over 400 trucks with older engine model years with 2007 and newer trucks that have cleaner EPA approved engine technologies.  This has been a great success.  For more information on replacement assistance up to $30,000, visit our Replacements page.

Request for Decals

The Port of Virginia now offers decals for new or clean trucks that meet 2010 EPA standards that were not purchased or retrofitted under the Green Operator Program.  Visit our Request for Decal page or call the Green Operator Hotline:  804-482-1790.