Current Green Operators

Listed below are the current companies and owner-operators that have joined in support of our green efforts and have joined the Green Operator family:

Green Operator Completed Contact List

Company or Owner Operator Number of Trucks in Program Replacement/Retrofit
C&K Trucking, LLC 10 Retrofit
GTL Transport Co., Inc. / Hudd Transportation 59 / 9 Retrofit
Evans Delivery Co., Inc. 28 Retrofit
A-Plus, Inc. 2 Replacement
Gilco Properties, Inc. 2 Replacement
Gilco Properties, Inc. 24 Retrofit
Lilly International, Inc. 1 Replacement
University Corp 9 Replacement
Boykins Trucking 1 Retrofit
LC Trucking 1 Retrofit
Consolidated Logistics Center 10 Replacement
Faith Express 1 Replacement
Leighton Trucking 1 Replacement
Cross Globe 5 Replacement
Wm – J. Gatling Sr. Trucking 1 Replacement
J. H. Griffin Hauling 1 Replacement
LoLo Express 1 Replacement
Pilot Intermodal 1 Replacement
Service Transfer 10 Replacement
Port City Transportation 1 Replacement
Ray Bazemore 1 Replacement
W.E.B. Trucking 1 Replacement
Time Dispatch 1 Replacement
Gone 2 Get It, Inc. 1 Retrofit
Drazen Suzic 1 Retrofit
DD Jones Transportation Services, Inc. 3 Replacement
Dallas Mavis 1 Requested Decal
K&A Transportation, LLC 1 Requested Decal
TTSI 1 Requested Decal